About Hoover Painting
Donald J. Hoover and Son Painting and Faux finishes was established in
the 1970's By the owner Donald J. Hoover and his wife Leila. Prior to
starting his painting business he served in the United States Marine
Corps. He worked in data processing for 3 years, before working for his
father in-law in his painting business for 8 years.
Donald is a 3rd generation master painter. His son Chad ( who is a
volunteer firefighter and councilmen in the Borough of Chalfant) is
continuing his father's tradition of dynamic unparalleled service. Our
company was built on the old school traditions and techniques of
painting while incorporating the new paint technologies. All crew
members are trained with our standards. We believe that proper
preparatory work is the key to an excellent paint job. We use only top
quality materials on our jobs and take great pride in our work from
start to finish.
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"a job worth doing is worth doing right"
Donald J. Hoover & Son               
Painting and faux finishes