Our Experience
Donald J. Hoover & Son               
Painting and faux finishes
"a job worth doing is worth doing right"

We are extremely pleased with the work done, and beyond that with the suggestions and the additional
woodwork craftsmanship that has been done to our home! We would not have thought about the
finishing touches that updated in ways that an amazing difference. The professionalism displayed by
this team is not what you would normally find, everything was left as neat as a pin. Thank you for
transforming our home into a haven we are proud to entertain and enjoy and a job that far exceeds well
done!!! We would highly recommend Hoover Painting.
Ted & Darlene Belajac

When I was looking for a painter, My neighbor asked me if I wanted the job done right so it would last
or just cheap. I've tried both and since have worked exclusively with Don Hoover and Son for 25 years
in two houses and have recommended them to friends for years, to rave reviews of satisfaction. When
you hire the Hoover team, the job will be done right. While some painters just paint, they do so much
more. With many years of experience, they are able to offer repairs, do beautiful carpentry work and
creatively solve problems. They take great pride in their work and ownership of the job. Our exterior
was recently repainted. As they were working they discovered that the rubber on our addition had no
support in one section. They knew immediately that the culprit was moisture and that carpenter ants
had moved in. Within an hour, they had my roofer here and got an exterminator. By the end of the
afternoon, they had recreated elaborate wood details and everything was ready for the roofers to finish
in the morning. It was as if nothing had happened. It is great to know that our house is in the best
shape possible. Every opening is caulked and sealed. Every window and door is operating properly,
broken panes of glass replaced and storms in place.
We are delighted by how well it all turned out. Their prep work and attention to detail is superior both
inside and out. When you hire Hoover, they deliver more than just a paint job.
Caroline Roberts Wentling